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Churches are an important part of our heritage; spires dominate our landscapes. But churches are also important because of the work that goes on inside. Right now, church buildings, both listed and unlisted, are at risk. Many are old, poorly equipped and need significant support to keep their doors open.

Our House of Good report is now complete. It shows that the total social value of church buildings in the UK is at least £12.4 billion. Can you help us to keep these Houses of Good open?

  • Thanks to our subscribers and funders we help over 150 church buildings each year to stay windproof and watertight and keep their doors open for everyone.
  • We currently have to turn away three out of every four requests for help.
  • Church buildings are cared for by local volunteers and churches cannot rely on funding from the government or other organisations.
  • We have to do more and your support would make a very real difference in what we and local volunteers can achieve.
  • We cannot let our national heritage disappear and the heart of so many communities crumble.

Support us now

Join us today as a Friend and help us to ensure that these cherished buildings can survive for the future.

Please make a donation. Without significant help, we will lose the contents of these Houses of Good and we will all be poorer as a result.

Leave a legacy. Three out of four of our grants to churches are made possible thanks to gifts in Wills.

Contact our Chief Executive, Claire Walker, to discuss how you can work with the National Churches Trust to support The Houses of Good.

We look forward to hearing from you.

The National Churches Trust has over 60 years of experience helping churches, chapels and meeting houses.

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